Friday, 29 June 2012

Best of British Summer Collection 2012

Best of British Summer Collection 2012
By Paula & Simon Strethill-Smith

Welcome to our summer collection.......

Lilibet...the queens childhood name.
12" high created from soft old white mohair.New pattern inspired from 1908 Farnell teddy bear.
Loose jointed and with a wobble neck joint.Antique boot button eyes.

Lilibet wears vintage wool jacket with silk floral embrodery and diamante broach.
One of a Kind. ADOPTED

Old Jack
12" high made from pale honey mohair which has been aged and worn.
New Design inspired by 1908 Farnell Teddy Bear.
Wears Union Jack linen waistcoat with antique pearl and brass buttons.

Old Jack 
Antique boot button eyes and wobble neck joint.Saggy crunchy tummy and  a well loved nose.
One of a kind. ADOPTED

This queens guard has been marching up and down through all the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations.
9" high created from pale gold mohair aged and worn.Matt glass eyes.
Grenadier wears full uniform of red and black wool felt jacket,with lots of details,brass buttons,vintage piping,leather belt etc.His smart black and red trousers are from vintage fabrics and our signature leather boots are hand stitched by Simon.

Busby hat made from antique fur collar chin strap is made from real gold chain.
Number 1 of a Limited edition of 3 pieces. EDITION IS SOLD OUT.

Pearly Queen,these wonderful characters still make Londoners proud to be British.
8" high created from pearly beige mohair.New design inspired by 1908 Farnell Teddy Bear.

Pearl wears vintage black jacket and skirt embellished with antique buttons and beaded trim.
Her black straw hat is trimmed with vintage velvet bow and ostrich feather.She also wears our signature leather boots hand stitched by Simon.
One of a Kind. ADOPTED

6" created from mohair in sepia brown.New smaller design inspired by 1908 Farnell Teddy Bear.
Buckingham is very loose jointed  with wobble neck joint.His fur is aged and airbrushed in places.

Has a faded vintage thread stitched nose and wears his red white and blue rosette pin with pride.
One of a kind .ADOPTED

4" high created from genuine antique mohair in pale gold which is shows signs of worn patches.
Piccadilly is our smallest design to which we have made a new design inspired by 1908 Farnell teddy bear.
He is loose jointed with wobble neck joint and saggy tummy.Vintage silk thread nose in a faded black.
Wears a vintage silver enamel stick pin with Union Jack design.
One of a kind. ADOPTED

3.5" high created from genuine antique red and blue mohair.
Britannia has a wobble neck joint, and is weighted with a little steel shot.
Vintage silk thread stitched nose in old white.Has a antique brass button with crown stitched to his heart.
Wears red white and blue ribbon.
One of a kind. ADOPTED

True Brit
3.5" created from genuine antique mohair which shows signs of gentle wear.
True Brit is loose jointed with a wobble neck joint.He has matt glass eyes with a waxed linen thread nose.
Stuffed with wood wool and weighted with a small amount of steel shot.
True Brit is proudly wearing  his MADE IN BRITAIN sash.
One of a kind. ADOPTED

           END OF SHOW........

Thank you for visiting our Best of British Summer Collection 
We hope you enjoyed viewing our latest designs. 
should you wish to adopt any of the bears 
                                           please contact me at

                                                          Warm Wishes Paula & Simon 

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Inspiration from Antique Farnell 1908

Last summer on our holidays we stopped for lunch on our travels to Cornwall at vintage and antiques market and were lucky enough to find a beautiful 1908 Farnell Teddy Bear.We thought at first we had struck gold with a antique steiff bear but we were equally delighted to find that this stunning bears true identity was in fact a British Bear.
He is still in need of a little restoration and when time permits I am going to tidy him up a bit.
I adore this bears proportions and they are very much like the early steiff bears and very sought after by teddy bear collectors.
As Farnell was a British teddy bear manufacturer it seems only fitting that some of our inspiration for this Best of British summer collection should come from this bear.....We have based a few of our new designs on this early Farnell bear and hope you can join us here on the blog June 29th at 7pm to see the results.