Thursday, 25 October 2018

Halloween & Autumn Collection

Halloween & Autumn Collection

Welcome to our latest collection of Halloween & Autumn designs.........


Minerva is 3" sized bear but measures 4" to tip of her witches hat.
She is created from hand dyed mohair in a light blackberry colour.
Minvera wears a antique black lace dressed lined with vintage silk taffeta.
This is has trimmed of gold lame lace and antique jet black button.
Minerva has antique velvet shoes made by ourselves 
 with a matching witches hat with brass buckles.
She carries a nimbus 2000 broomstick perfect for halloween.
Limited Edition 1/1 One Off ADOPTED


Weasley Wizard is a 3" sized bear but measures 4"to tip of his wizard hat.
Created from quality German mohair in golden brown.
Weasley Wizard wears a dark green cloak with frilled collar in vintage fabric.
His hat is made from antique velvet with antique metal and pearl button trim.
This tiny wizards shoes are hand made from dark green leather.
He comes with his own wooden wand from Ollivanders.!
Limited Edition 1/1 One Off ADOPTED


Baby Boo is 3" high and created from hand dyed German mohair in pumpkin orange.
He is one of our very tiniest sized bears.
Baby Boo wears a antique cream lace collar and black silk ribbon.
Trimmed with black glass antique buttons.
Limited Edition Number 1 of 2 ADOPTED

Arlette is 3.5" high and created from hand dyed mohair in maple leaf red.
She wears a matching red cotton skirt with silk leaf trim and golden yellow floral motifs.
Arlette is wrapped in her lambswool fringed scarf which I have hand dyed a pale lemon.
She has our hand made shoes in red soft suede hand stitched with leather soles.
Limited Edition 1/1 One Off ADOPTED


Mister Squirrel is 3.5" high and is created from antique mohair in bright rust red.
He has a white chest panel in a silk plush with a fluffy soft brown alpaca tail.
Mister Squirrel wears our own little vintage leather shoes made by ourselves.
He wears a tiny acorn charm with green vintage ribbon.
Limited Edition Number 1 of 3 NUMBERS 1,2  ADOPTED




Zarina is 15" high and created from vintage mohair & wool and soft alpaca tail.

Zarina is one of our larger sculpted animal doll designs with sculpted face.
Her eyes are dark brown tawny glass.
She is fully jointed with wired limbs and paws.
Airbrushed in red rusty amber tones with darker brown paws.
This mamma fox wears a vintage folk dress made from a original 1970's dress in this same style.
I made a smaller version of it using the same print for a boho look.
This cotton print is in warm autumnal shades with flowers and fauna on black background.
With a black velvet inset yoke with vintage lace bell shaped sleeves.
Silk ribbon at waist and vintage velvet flower head dress.
Zarina wears tan vintage velvet shoes which are again sculpted hand stitched with leather soles.

Zarina has taken some considerable time to make and is part of our series of characters in this size.

We have previously created a fawn, panda and bunny in this size more animals are being imagined! 


Thank you for visiting we hope you have enjoyed our latest collection.

Should you wish to adopt any of our designs please contact us for more details and availability.
or message me on facebook.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Halloween & Autumn Collection .....Coming soon


We have busy in the studio making some good magic spells and a few new designs.
You are welcome to join us on Tuesday 23rd October at 7.30pm to view them here our blog.

Halloween & Autumn Collection
Tuesday 23rd October

Warmest wishes