Saturday, 15 February 2020

Preparing for Hugglets 2020

Just to let you know we are busy preparing for Hugglets Show in London.
We are in our usual stand place even though the hall numbers and stand numbers have changed this year we are in still in the same spot. Hall 3 stand 123

We will be exhibiting at the Winter Bear Fest on Sunday 23rd February 2020

We are in Hall 3 stand number 123
10.30am -4pm

We will bringing a collection of miniature bears made from antique and hand dyed mohair 
with costumes created using antique textiles.
Some of these tiny bears will have our tiny hand made velvet or silk satin shoes.
We will also be showing a larger sculpted animal art doll and a few larger size 7"bears.

Should you be lucky enough to be visiting please stop by and say hello 
we look forward to meeting you!

We know that not all of you can travel to see us at the show in London.
So just to let our mailing list know that as soon
 as we are able to release any editions not snapped up at the show 
we will post them on our blog for adoption.

 warmest wishes
Paula & Simon 

Saturday, 25 January 2020

Made with Love Collection

Hello welcome to our latest designs...

Made with Love Collection



Saylor is 4.5"high and created from hand dyed mohair in faded denim blue.
He wears a vintage linen sailor suit with blue hand dyed velvet shoes.
Saylor is carrying his sailor valentine created from our sculpted velvet heart 
trimmed with shells and a vintage p&o cocktail stick in the shape of a arrow.
Limited Edition ONE OFF 1/1 ADOPTED


Esme one of our tiniest miniature bears at just
3" or 7.5cm high created from hand dyed coral pink mohair.
She has a silk and lace hand dyed dress with antique ribbon and velvet flower.
Esme has our hand made shoes in antique oriental silk satin.
Limited Edition ONE OFF 1/1 ADOPTED




Maurea is 3.5"or 9cm high and created from hand dyed mohair in pale shell pink.
She is dressed in vintage cotton embroidery anglaise dress with silk ribbon and pearls.
Maurea sits inside a beautiful vintage heart shaped shell box and holds a posy of vintage flowers.
Limited Edition ONE OFF 1/1 ADOPTED


Beau Blue is one of our very tiniest bears 
at 3" or 7.5cm high created from hand dyed mohair in Dutch blue.
 Beau Blue comes with a tiny antique envelope with tiny victorian medallion 
which says my heart belongs to you.
Comes with a posy of vintage flowers.

Limited Edition ONE OFF 1/1 ADOPTED


Dara is 3.5" or 9cm high from palest blonde mohair.
He wears a jacket created from antique oriental silk 
satin in dark peach trimmed with antique brass button with initial D.
Cream silk trousers and our hand stitched and hand made velvet shoes.
Limited Edition ONE OFF 1/1 ADOPTED


 Sacred Love Heart

 More Sculptured wall art by Simon this time a Sacred Love Heart.
Created from antique deep red mohair velvet and antique gold wire lace trim.
Backed with vintage red flocked gold paper.
Framed using a antique Georgian black frame with convex glass.
Looks wonderful displayed with other religious rosaries or ex-voto hearts.

Sculptured Sacred Heart by Simon using vintage
 silver & duck egg blue silver lame fabric and trimmed with antique silver lace.
Backed with antique silvered valentines card and palest blue paper.
Vintage frame with antique convex glass.
ONE OFF  1/1

These sculpted wall art designs are all in original vintage or antique frames so all unique.
We repurpose antique textiles and vintage or antique backing papers.
More designs are being sculpted and added to this series.
See previous posts for our man in the moon designs.

Thank you for visiting 
Should you wish to adopt any of the designs please contact me
by email
or message me on facebook or instagram.
With Love

Paula & Simon

Monday, 20 January 2020

Made with Love Collection ....coming soon

just a little heartfelt note to you all.
We will have a few new designs coming up this Thursday evening.

Made with Love 
Thursday 23rd January
at 7.30pm U.K time

With Valentine kisses
Paula & Simon

Saturday, 21 December 2019

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

A massive thank you and a big bear hug to all of our collectors.
We are truly grateful for your continued support in adopting our designs.
We hope that our sculpted animal art dolls,teddy bears and sculpted wall art 
bring you joy each day and most of all make you smile.

Thank you for the comments,likes and follows on Facebook and for sharing the love on instagram.
We are taking a short break over the festive season and will be back in January with a few
new designs on our blog.(date yet to be announced).
We will also be attending the

Hugglets Festival at Kensington Town Hall
London on Sunday February 24th 2020

So wishing you all Christmas Joy!
Warmest wishes Paula & Simon xx

Thursday, 5 December 2019

Winter Woodland Collection 2019

Welcome to our Winter Woodland Collection .......

This years collection for Christmas has been inspired by our woodland walks with our dog Bee.
Hope you enjoy the collection......






Fauna stands at 17" high to tip of antlers.Created from vintage wool and mohair.
I have airbrushed Fauna in pale honey and gold tones.Highlighted with pink shades.
Fauna is a young female fawn with a sculpted head and wired ears and antlers.
German glass eyes with eyelashes and waxed nose.
Fully jointed with full body armature with wired limbs and hands.

Fauna is wearing a hand dyed silk ball gown in pale lichen green with antique silver metal lace 
adorned with sequinned velvet leaves,vintage net tutu shirt tied with antique silk chiffon sash.

She wears a removable mohair trimmed cape sewn from a original 30's cape 
which has the most gorgeous pine tree print 
 and lined with cream cashmere wool.
Fauna has hand dyed velvet shoes in lichen green sculpted and hand stitched in our studio.
Her head dress is made from velvet beaded leaves and silver wire trim.
Fauna is one of our sculpted art animal doll characters which take some considerable time to create.
Limited Edition ONE OFF 1/1


Moss is 4.5" high and created from hand dyed mohair
This has lots of different shades to it but mainly dark and faded moss greens.
He has a centre head seam with black glass eyes.
Moss is wearing a hand made vintage embroidered scarf lined with vintage wool.
Limited Edition ONE OFF 1/1 ADOPTED


Juniper is 3.25" or 8cm high made from  hand dyed acorn brown mohair.
He wears a antique wool embroidered boho jacket with antique green glass button.
Juniper has our hand stitched vintage velvet shoes with leather soles.

Limited Edition ONE OFF 1/1 ADOPTED



Zuphlas is 3.25" or 8cm high and created from cream mohair.
Zuphlas dress is made from antique lace with a gold metal net overlay.
She has vintage french religious charm and soft silk plush wings.
Her shoes are made from faded cream velvet.
Zuphlas name means Angel of trees.



Duir stands at 3.3"or 8.5cm high created from hand dyed mohair in pale lichen green.
Duir wears a coat that is made from antique textile embroidered in silks and gold thread.
I have lined the jacket with silk and added antique golden oak leaves.
Duir has hand dyed velvet shoes in lichen green.
Duir name is the Celtic name for Oak Mother.
Limited Edition ONE OFF 1/1 ADOPTED



Yingkesong stands at 3.5" or 9cm high and is created from hand dyed mohair in antique rose.
Yingkesong has a silk satin antique textile with embroidered tree blossom 
I have lined the coat with silk and trimmed with antique glass button.
Yingkesong has our hand made shoes using more of the antique silk satin.
Yingkesong name means greeting pine.

Limited Edition ONE OFF 1/1 ADOPTED


Sherwood is 3.25 or 8cm high and is created from hand dyed green gold mohair.
Sherwood the woodsman has his own sledge that is made from a vintage leather shoe.
I have lined the inside with soft Alpaca fur and Simon hand carved the runners.
Sherwood has a vintage wool embroidered jacket and scarf 
He comes with his bottle brush tree and a 
 acorn basket filled with dried fern,lichen and miniature pine cone.

Limited Edition 1/1 ONE OFF ADOPTED


Winter Green is 3"or 7.5cm high created from 
hand dyed antique mohair in spruce green.
Winter Green is one of the tiniest miniature bears we make.
He wears a vintage silk ribbon with tiny antique brass button with the initial W for winter.
Limited Edition 1/1 


Laurel is 3" or 7.5cm high created from hand dyed mohair in mistletoe berry colour.
One of our tiniest miniature bears. Laurel is decorated with antique gold
 wire braid with velvet embroidered silk leaves and brass acorn.


Lichen is 3"or 7.5cm high created from our hand dyed a blue green lichen colour.
One of our tiniest miniature bears. Lichen is decorated with silk embroidered and velvet leaves 
with some pieces of lichen and diamante button.



By the Light of the SILVERY MOON

Sculpted moon created from antique silver lame textile.
Hand tinted with diamante stars.


Sculpted man in the moon inspired by Georges Melies trip to the moon.
Created from vintage silk satin and hand tinted hand carved rocket ship.

Carrying on from our last Cute and Curious Collection
 we launched our Man in the Moon Sculpture.

Simon has sculpted two more winter moon sculptures.

By the light of the Silvery Moon
Rocket Man in the Moon

Both are framed using original antique georgian black frames with convex glass.


Thank you for visiting our Winter Woodland Collection
should you wish to adopt any designs
or would like further information.
please email me or message me on facebook

Also a big Thank you & hug for all your likes and follows
on Facebook and Instagram 

Warmest Winter Wishes
Paula & Simon