Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Inspiration from Antique Farnell 1908

Last summer on our holidays we stopped for lunch on our travels to Cornwall at vintage and antiques market and were lucky enough to find a beautiful 1908 Farnell Teddy Bear.We thought at first we had struck gold with a antique steiff bear but we were equally delighted to find that this stunning bears true identity was in fact a British Bear.
He is still in need of a little restoration and when time permits I am going to tidy him up a bit.
I adore this bears proportions and they are very much like the early steiff bears and very sought after by teddy bear collectors.
As Farnell was a British teddy bear manufacturer it seems only fitting that some of our inspiration for this Best of British summer collection should come from this bear.....We have based a few of our new designs on this early Farnell bear and hope you can join us here on the blog June 29th at 7pm to see the results.

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