Thursday, 2 July 2015

Welcome to our Vintage Summer Collection 2015

Vintage Summer Collection 2015

Introducing our latest designs from our studio.....

Bisoux is 9" tall created from vintage hand embroidered linen.
Sculpted face molds and foot pads with pose able wired ears and mouth.
Bisoux is made from genuine vintage linen textile with beautiful hand stitched tray cloth.
I have further shaded and tinted her mouth,nose and foot pads.
She is loosely jointed with wobble neck joint and has hand painted antique boot button eyes.
Limited Edition 1/1 one off. RESERVED

Antique style French Bulldog soft sculpture.

Coraline is 4.5" tall and created from antique mohair in a pretty dark coral shade.
I have further aged and tinted her fur to give a the look of a very old bear look.
She has a wobble neck joint and matt glass eyes.
Saggy tummy stuffed with wood wool and weighted with steel shot.
Limited Edition Number 1 of 1 ADOPTED


Papillion is 4"tall and created from antique mohair in caramel brown.
He has a wobble neck joint and matt glass eyes.
Papillion dressed in tropical jacket is busy catching butterflies with his net, which he collects but releases after he has studied them.
Papillion wears are tan leather shoes with leather soles.
Limited Edition Number 1 and 2 are Adopted  1 left of edition of 3.


Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana is 3.5" tall and created from vintage cream silk plush.
She has a wobble neck joint and matt glass eyes.Princess Charlotte is dress in a antique cotton fabric made from a antique baby dress.She also wears our hand stitched leather shoes in vintage cream leather.
Limited Edition Numbers 1,2 ,3Adopted 2 left edition of 5.

Stargazy kitty is 6" tall and created from silk plush to which i have airbrushed his markings.
This cute kitty has a sculpted face and paws with green glass eyes.
Stargazy has wired poseable arms,tail and ears.
His shoes are hand stitched from vintage leather and made by ourselves from our own sculpts and molds.
He wears a vintage linen sailor jacket trimmed with antique linen ribbon.
Stargazy likes to stare at the sea and the stars comes with his own brass telescope.
Limited Edition 1/1 One Off ADOPTED


Is quite partial to fish pie!


Old Ezra is 3.5" tall and created from antique mohair in faded cinnamon.
Due to the age of  his fur it is thinning in places but this gives him the appearance of a early antique bear.
Old Ezra has a wobble neck joint with matt glass eyes he is stuffed with wood wool.
Limited Edition 1/1 ADOPTED

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