Friday, 27 January 2017

Love Heart Collection.......

Welcome to our Love Heart Collection our latest designs direct from our studio...


Casanova stands 7.5" high and created from old gold German mohair.
I have further aged and tinted his fur in places.
He has a fixed head but it is jointed.
Casanova wears antique wool and lace jacket with gold silk pantaloons and pale blue waistband.
He has our signature shoes in vintage ruby red velvet trimmed with silk ribbon and antique buttons.
He is ready to woo you with his rose and vintage mohair heart.
This can be worn as a valentine brooch also made by ourselves.
One of a kind 
Limited Edition

Master Trulove is 4.5" high and created from hand dyed turquoise blue mohair.
He has a fixed head joint with glass German eyes.
Master Trulove wears a vintage linen sailor jacket trimmed with vintage trim,antique buttons.
One of a kind
Limited Edition 1/1 ADOPTED


Peaches is 4.5" high and created from hand dyed German mohair.
The colour is very soft peach or faded apricot.
Fixed head joint with glass German eyes.
Faded black stitched nose with loose jointed limbs.
Limited Edition  3 Sold Out

Mignon stands 3.75" high and created from antique mohair in dark blush pink.
She has a fixed head joint and Germa glass eyes.
Mignon wears a antique linen and lace dress trimmed
with vintage silk ribbon & crystal rosary bead.
She wears our signature sculpted shoes in a beige cream leather.
She carries a bouquet of vintage pink flowers.
One of a kind
Limited Edition 1/1 ADOPTED

Adonis is 3.5" high and created from shabby pale blue mohair.
He has a fixed head and glass German eyes.
His paws are vintage suede which I have aged and tinted.
He wears a silver heart locket on a blue silk ribbon.
He carries a posy of vintage for-get-me-nots.
One of a kind
Limited Edition 1/1 ADOPTED



Amora is 3"high our tiniest bear.Created from German mohair in taupe.
He is has a fixed head and German glass eyes
He carries with him a tiny violin (vintage mother of pearl brooch)
 to serenade you with.
Comes complete with the heart shaped box that he can fit inside or maybe chocolates!
One of a kind
Limited Edition 1/1 ADOPTED 


Kitty Darling is 7.5" high and created from soft cream alpaca.
I have airbrushed her fur with two tones of pale honey ginger.
She has a sculpted head with a fixed but jointed.
Sculpted hand tinted paw pads,wired pose able ears,limbs and tail.
Green glass hand painted eyes.
Kitty Darling sits in a pale blue wicker basket with vintage for-get-me-nots
She wears vintage blue ribbon and bell.

Kitty Darling 
One of a kind
Limited Edition 
1 of 3 Number SOLD OUT

Thank you for visiting our Love Heart Collection
We hope you enjoyed viewing our designs sending
valentine kisses 
Paula & Simon
Should you wish to adopt any of the designs please contact me.
or message me on facebook.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Love Heart Collection....

Coming soon to our blog our Love Heart Collection......

We are busy in the studio creating new designs for our next blog show.
Love Heart Collection 
Thursday 26th January 2017 
at 7.30pm

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Merry Christmas to all of our collectors........

We are hanging up our christmas stockings and about to spend time with friends & family.
Just a little message to say a huge Big Thank You to all our collectors who have supported us this year.

We truly appreciate every single one of you that has visited us at the shows we attend and taken home one of our designs.

Some of you have never met us in person but have adopted a new teddy bear or character from our blog shows and have then sent us return messages of pleasure and delight.
Thank you for those messages they keep us going when we really need it.

We know that some of you have followed our progress for many years and your collections are very precious to you.
Thank you so much for your continued patronage it is nice to know that our designs bring you so much joy.

Thank you also to those of you who share our work with other collectors on social media
for the facebook likes and sweet comments,follows on pinterest and now instagram too.
We pop in and react when we can and its always so nice to hear from you too.

We will be back in 2017 with another blog show in January.(date yet to be announced)

We will be planning new designs for the Hugglets Winter Bear Fest at Kensington on 26th February.
Also we are looking forward to the summer and celebrating 115years of Teddy Bears at Woburn Teddy Bear Festival on 11th June.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Years! 

Thank you 
Warmest Wishes 
Paula & Simon