Friday, 18 September 2015

Hugglets Teddies Show & New teddy bear & Character Designs

We are just back from Hugglets Teddies Show in London and want to share some of latest designs with our mailing list and blog readers.
Thank you to everyone who came to our stand and left with a new companion or two! We know that our mailing list collectors who live all over world love to see pictures of what we had on show so here is a look at some of our new teddy bears and animal characters.

This piece was inspired by The Owl and The Pussycat by Edward Lear.
Mr Owl is 7.5" high and created from antique mohair has a sculpted face and feet.
PussyCat is 7.5" high and created from silk plush again with our sculpted face,paws and shoes.
One of a kind 1/1 ADOPTED

Bobby is 3" high created from antique mohair in dark taupe 
Wobble neck joint matt glass eyes.Vintage cotton jacket with vintage french trim.
One of a Kind 1/1.ADOPTED


Obadiah is 5"high and made from antique mohair in faded cinnamon.
He has a cone shaped nose with centre seam head, matt glass eyes and wobble neck joint.
Limited Edition 1/1 ADOPTED
Ned is 3"high our smallest miniature bear.Created from antique plush in old cream.
He has shiny glass eyes and faded grey stitched nose.Wobble neck joint.
Limited Edition 1/1 ADOPTED


Myrtle stands 3.75" high created from old gold mohair.She has a matt glass eyes and wobble neck joint.
Myrtle wears a antique lace dress trimmed with vintage flowers and silk ribbon.
Limited Edition Number 1/1  ADOPTED


Norbert stands 3.75" tall and is made from antique mohair in dusty taupe.
He has matt glass eyes and long thin snout.Norbert wears a vintage French velvet waistcoat with tiny brass buttons.Scottish tweed trousers and our leather shoes handmade in our studio.
Limited Edition 1/3 Number 1 ADOPTED

Greta stands 3.25" high and is made from antique mohair in old gold.
She has centre seam head ,matt glass eyes and wobble neck joint
Greta wears a beautiful delicate antique lace skirt trimmed with diamente and vintage flowers.
Limited Edition 1/1 ADOPTED


Mordecai stands 3.75" high and created from vintage plush in old cream.
He has matt boot button glass eyes and a wobble neck joint.
Mordecai is wearing a antique linen sailor suit with vintage french linen trim.
His shoes are made by hand with our own sculpts and handstitched with leather soles.
Limited Edition 1 of 1 ADOPTED


Noodle is 5.5" high and created from antique wool plush and mixed with black alpaca.
This vintage looking panda has shiny glass eyes with a wobble neck joint and worn nose.
Noodle sits in the palm of your hand and is very loose jointed.
Limited Edition 1/1 ADOPTED


Ratty Rat stands 7.5" tall created from vintage velveteen.
Ratty is one of our sculpted character studio designs made from antique textiles.
He is airbrushed and hand tinted with glass eyes and long fine whiskers.
Ratty is dressed in vintage worn ticking trousers with braces held up with antique buttons.
His cotton shirt is aged and has tiny mop antique buttons and Victorian collar.
Ratty has slight hump to his back and stands by himself in his worn leather shoes again sculpted and made by hand in our studio.
Limited Edition Number 1 of 1



Tinkerbelle stands 7.5" tall and is created from antique velveteen.
She is another of our sculpted character studio designs made in antique textiles.
She is hand tinted and airbrushed with glass eyes and felt ears.
Tinkerbelle wears and cotton vintage rodent print dress from an old dolls dress.
I have trimmed her dress with vintage ric rac trim and old lace.
She has hand made leather shoes in olive green with matching bag.
She is limited to just 2 pieces as this is all the fabric I have for the dress.
Limited Edition 1/1 ADOPTED

She makes a wonderful companion to Ratty Rat who is very smitten with her!


Thank you for visiting our blog should you wish to adopt or order any of our designs please get in touch for more details either by email:
 or message me on facebook
Hope you enjoyed our new collection warm wishes 
Paula & Simon

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

New Bears and Animal Characters for Hugglets Teddies Festival 2015

We are busy in our studio making new bears and animal characters for Hugglets Teddies Festival 2015 on Sunday 13th September Kensington Town Hall London 10.30-4pm
Its always so nice to meet our collectors in person at the show so you are more than welcome to pop by our stand and say hello.
We are in Hall 1 stand 56. 

Bobby is one of our tiny miniature bears that will coming to London with us.
We will not be previewing any bears before the show but some that may be available will feature on our blog shortly after the show.