Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Happy Easter Bunny!

Freshly hatched from our studio welcome to our Happy Easter Bunny!

Happy Easter Bunny

Happy Easter Bunny  6" high to tip of his ears created from vintage hand dyed plush in old white and pale pink shades.Happy Easter Bunny has a wobble neck joint matt eyes.His ears are lined with suedette tinted and wired so they can be posed up or down.
He sits in his vintage shabby Easter egg tin decorated with beautiful spring lambs,bunnies and chicks.
Happy Easter Bunny also has a bouquet of antique spring flowers.

Happy Easter Bunny

Should you wish to adopt this little bunny please email me at
or message me on facebook.
Thanks Paula 
Wishing you all a Happy Easter with lots of treats.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Latest Designs from Hugglets Winter Bear Fest 2016

Hello we are just back from Hugglets Winter Bear Fest we had a lovely day as usual a really nice event.
Here are a few pictures of some of our designs that we took with us a few of which are still available.
Email me for further or message me on facebook.

Master Edmund  1/1 ADOPTED

Old Jakub  ADOPTED


Spring Bunny
Spring Bunny is 10" to the tip of of ears and created from soft white alpaca.
She has sculpted face with dusty pink eyes and wobble neck joint.Her ears are lined with vintage silk velvet and aged and tinted pinks and greys.
Spring Bunny wears a linen and vintage cotton pale pink dress with rosebuds and for-get-me-not print.
She carries a vintage bouquet of velvet pink flowers and for-get-me-nots.
She has our trademark antique leather shoes hand stitched with leather soles
Limited Edition One Off 1/1 ADOPTED

Spring Bunny
Spring Bunny

Old Viola
Old Viola is 7" high created from hand dyed vintage plush in a faded lavender grey.
I have tinted her fur in places with a dark grey.
She has matt glass boot button style eyes.Loosely jointed with a wobble neck joint.
She comes with her vintage key and a beautiful bouquet of vintage velvet violas.
Limited Edition 1/1 ADOPTED


Luke is 8" high and created from very soft wavy German mohair in oatmeal colour. 
I have further aged and tinted his fur.
He has matt flat eyes and a wobble neck joint.
Luke wears a fine antique cream wool jacket with red trim on cuffs and opening.
Limited Edition 1/1 ADOPTED