Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Welcome to our Spring Collection ....



10" high created from quality German mohair in old cream that has been tinted to look vintage.
Antique boot button eyes,wobble neck joint and vintage thread stitched nose is dark apricot.
Soft under stuffed saggy tummy 
Florence wears a peach pink cotton jersey jacket edged with antique lace and vintage french ribbon.
She holds a spray of vintage velvet flowers in soft pastel shades.
Limited Edition one of a kind 1/1 ADOPTED

Mr Foxy
Mr Foxy 5" long is created from off white alpaca with airbrushed markings in black and tan.
Glass eyes, fully jointed with wired legs and ears.Wears red leather collar with brass disc and chain lead.
This cute fox terrier is cute on his own but makes a sweet companion for a bigger bear.
Limited Edition Number 1 of 6. ADOPTED (orders take for rest of edition.)

Sasha 5" tall created from genuine antique velvet plush in old white.
Sasha has a centre seam head with wobble neck joint,glass eyes and grey/black nose.
Softly stuffed.with cream felt paw pads.Holds her vintage straw basket filled with vintage silk flowers.
Limited Edition 1/1 One of a kind  ADOPTED

Adora 3.5" high created from hand dyed quality German mohair in pale blossom pink.
Adora has a wobble head joint,glass eyes,cream paw pads.Her  nose is embroidered with faded black vintage thread.She sits inside a pale blue leather baby shoe with a spring bouquet of pink and white blossoms
Limited Edition 1/1 One of a kind ADOPTED

Easter Bunny
Easter bunny 4" tall to tip of ears made from soft white velvet plush .
Bunny has turquoise blue silk velvet lined ears which are wired.
He wears vintage brushed cotton rompers with B initial embroidered on the front
with mother of pearl buttons and vintage lace.
Easter bunny shoes are made from vintage off white leather which we hand make ourselves.
Easter bunny has a  little straw basket filled with pink Easter eggs.
Limited Edition 1/1 one of a kind. ADOPTED

Emmet 3.5" high made from genuine antique mohair in old gold.
I have added darker tints on his paws and face to give him the look of a very old bear.
Emmet has a wobble neck joint,long nose,glass eyes,wool felt pads. 
He is stuffed with wood wool and I have added some steel shot for a nice weight.
Limited Edition of 1/1 One of a kind. ADOPTED



Should you wish to adopt any of these,please contact me for further details etc.
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Monday, 18 March 2013

Spring Collection

You are cordially invited to view our 
Spring Collection 
Monday 25th March 2013 at 7.00 pm
We will feature some new designs here on the blog and later on the website.
 warm wishes & spring sunshine kisses