Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Spring Collection

Hello and welcome to our Spring Collection ...



Mabel stands 11" or 28cm high to the tip of her ears.
Created from Alpaca fur with silk lined ears.
Mabel is one of our animal doll designs with a sculpted head.
I have softly airbrushed her fur caramel tones with blushed cheeks.
Her ears are lined with soft pure silk plush they are wired so can be posed.
She has a white fluffy cotton tail.
Mabel wears a vintage green cotton pinafore apron with tiny antique butterfly broach.
Her shoes are made by ourselves and made from hand dyed velvet with leather soles.
Mabel loves gardening so has her own vintage gardening trug which is filled with
a clay flower pot and a bunch of antique primroses.
She has her own little trowel made by ourselves.
Limited Edition ONE OFF 1/1 ADOPTED



Chirpy Chick stands 4" or 10cm high.Created from hand dyed Japanese pure silk plush.
This little easter chick has a carved hand painted beak and German glass eyes.
Chirpy Chick has sculpted wings which are jointed so can be posed.
Shoes are hand dyed mustard velvet with leather soles.
For extra joy Chirpy Chick comes with 3 vintage violets.
Limited Edition Numbers 1,2,3 ADOPTED  of  Edition of 4

Panola is 4.5" or 11.5cm high and created from sunny gold mohair.
She has a centre head seam with soft matt boot button eyes.
I aged her fur to give her the look of a old antique bear.
She wears a fragment of faded silk ribbon and antique velvet pansy panola flower.
Limited Edition One Off 1/1 ADOPTED

Willow stands 3.25"or 8cm high created from hand dyed bird egg blue mohair.
He wears antique cotton dungarees with floral sprigs.
Willow has our hand dyed velvet shoes in pale blue.
He comes with a little willow tree set inside a vintage silk cotton reel.
which holds a antique gold wire nest with vintage egg.
Limited Edition ONE OFF 1/1 ADOPTED

Honey Bunny stands 4" or 10cm high to tip of her ears.
Created from hand dyed pale pink mohair.
She has blushed cheeks and silk lined ears which are wired so can be posed.
Honey Bunny wears a white antique fine cotton skirt with blue ribbon and 
 hand dyed pink velvet shoes.
She carries a pale blue egg filled with antique velvet flowers in pale blue and pink.
Limited Edition ONE OFF 1/1 ADOPTED


Lolanthe stands 3.25" or 8cm high.Created from hand dyed mohair in dusty lavender.
She wears a vintage cotton dungarees trimmed with vintage lace and ribbon trim.
Lolanthe wears our trademark velvet shoes in hand dyed lavender.
She carries a bouquet of vintage velvet parma violets.
Limited Edition ONE OFF 1/1 ADOPTED


Rachel is 3" or 7.5cm high.Created from hand dyed pale honey mohair.
She wears a antique cotton net skirt trimmed with antique silk ribbon and diamante button.
Silk head band made of vintage silk ribbon trim.
She carries a beautiful bouquet of vintage velvet flowers.
Rachel sits with a vintage Houbigant of Paris powder box 
the shade is called Rachel Rosee
She can either sit inside the box or on top of the base.
We have made a wooden base for the round lid so it stands and displays behind her.
Limited Edition ONE OFF 1/1 ADOPTED

Wishing you all a Happy Easter & Spring.

Should you wish to adopt any of the designs or wish further details 
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Warm Spring Wishes
Paula & Simon

Thursday, 25 March 2021

Spring Collection coming soon....


Hello hope you are all o.k. we are looking forward to sharing some new designs with you.

 Spring Collection coming next week....so not long to wait.

Spring Collection 
Tuesday March 30th 

Warmest spring wishes 
Paula & Simon.