Friday, 25 January 2019

Love My Teddy Collection

Love My Teddy Collection

Welcome to our latest designs from our studio.


Lady Constance Chatterley is 4.5" high and created from hand dyed pale pink mohair.
I have further tinted and aged her fur.She wears antique silk dress in a fine silk crepe with underskirt.
Her slippers are made from antique satin in palest pink and hand stitched with leather soles.
Lady Constance a vintage flower head piece and a gold tone heart and key.
Which was a precious gift from the gardener! 
Limited Edition One Off 1/1 ADOPTED

Mellors is made from mohair in a beige taupe shade which I have further tinted in places.
He wears striped gardening trousers antique cotton shirt and velvet waistcoat.
His vintage brown leather shoes are made by ourselves in our studio.
He is completely hopelessly in love with Lady Chatterley.
Limited Edition ONE OFF 1/1 ADOPTED



Posy is one of our very tiniest bears at 3"high made from hand dyed dusty pink mohair.
I have further aged and tinted her fur.Posy is sitting in a antique milk glass basket which is full of antique miniature flowers.She can come out of the basket and be displayed along side.
Limited Edition 1/1 ONE OFF ADOPTED


Petite Cherie is one of our very tiny bears in shoes.The smallest size we do in shoes at 3"high.
She is dressed in cotton embroidery anglaise skirt with pale grey velvet ribbon waistband.
Petite Cherie wears pale grey velvet slipper which are hand stitched with leather soles.
She carries a posy of antique blue velvet for-get-me-nots along with some pink velvet larger flowers.
Around her neck she wears little silver tone vintage heart.
Limited Edition ONE OFF 1/1 ADOPTED


Petite Amorette is one of our tiniest bears in shoes at 3" high.
She is created from pinkish taupe hand dyed mohair.
Petite Amorette wears a beige antique lace skirt with coffee colour ribbon waistband.
She holds a sculpted pink velvet heart 
which I have trimmed with antique metal beads flowers
 and a vintage cocktail stick in shape of a arrow.
Her slippers are made of soft grey silk velvet with leather soles.
Limited Edition ONE OFF 1/1 ADOPTED

Thank you for visiting should you want to adopt any of our designs.
Please contact me at
or message me on facebook.

Thank you for visiting the show
Wishing you all Happy Valentines Day 
Paula & Simon

Monday, 21 January 2019

Love my Teddy Collection...Coming soon........

Love My Teddy Collection .........

Coming soon this Thursday Evening at 7.30pm

Hello we will have small collection of teddy bears on Thursday evening.

We hope you will be able to join us here on our blog. 
Thursday 24th January at 7.30pm u.k time.
With Love
Paula & Simon

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Meet Bee Bee our new little JRT puppy....

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year! 
We have a very tiny little announcement please meet our girl jack russell terrier pup 
Bee Bee! 
or just Bee for short.
She is a rough coat short legged jack russell terrier nearly 8 weeks.

Bee Bee

Bee Bee is a busy as a little bee as you can imagine! 
but we are doing our best to make bears when she snoozes.

So just to thank you for your patience .
We will be posting more pics of Bee and her adventures her on the blog 
and on her very own instagram page.


All good wishes 
Bee Bee