Thursday, 12 March 2015

Bears ready for new homes.....

Some of our latest bears and a mouse! from our studio....


Marquesa stands 7" high and is created from pale pink mohair which is age tinted dusty brown in places.
She has wobble neck joint,German glass boot button style eyes
.Marquesa wears a antique lace gown in pale ecru with vintage silk flower & diamonte.
Her shoes are nude in colour and made from vintage leather.
Hand stitched with leather soles.
Limted Edition 1/1 one of a kind ADOPTED

Old Hobson is 4.5" high created from antique mohair in dark apricot colour.
He has a wobble neck joint,with center head seam.
Stuffed with wood wool,loose jointed and slightly saggy tummy.
Limited Edition 1/1 One of a kind ADOPTED

Martha Mouse stands 3.5" tall and is created from light taupe mohair.
She has a wobble neck joint and shiny German glass eyes.
Martha has felt ears that are pressed and hand painted 
with a leather tail.
She wears a Cath Kidston print cotton dress with vintage ric rac trim, silk ribbon.vintage flowers.
Martha wears our trademark leather shoes in a dark coral pink.
Limited Edition One of a kind 1/1 ADOPTED

Emile is 4.5" high and created from soft aqua blue mohair that has been tinted.
He has a wobble neck joint with center head seam.
Emile sits inside a antique white leather baby shoe trimmed 
with silk blue ribbon laces.
I have added a vintage gold plated baby broach to the shoe with vintage blue for-get-me-not flowers
Limited Edition 1/1 One of a Kind  ADOPTED

Should you wish to know more information or adopt any of these please contact me at
or message me on facebook.

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Friday, 6 March 2015

Hugglets Show and our latest designs.

We had lovely day at Hugglets show it was so nice to see everyone again.
Thank you so much to our collectors who visited our stand and adopted a bear.
We enjoyed the show and met some new collectors as well 
as some of our long time ones!
 We are now ready to show you some of our latest designs that we exhibited.
Next week on my blog I will post some bears that are looking for new homes.

10" high Created from a Tiffany blue mohair and over aged with dark grey.
One of a Kind 1/1 ADOPTED

3.5" high created from antique mohair in honey gold.
Wobble neck joint.Wears vintage linen sailor suit trimmed antique ribbon trim and tiny brass buttons.
Leather shoes hand made by ourselves in antique white leather with leather soles.
Limited Edition Numbers 1 and 2 SOLD OUT


New Animal Character Design
Jolly Sailor stands at 7.5" high and is created from soft white alpaca 
with airbrushed and hand painted details.
Our sailor polar bear cub is created using our own sculpting techniques which give him his jolly expression.
Fully jointed with sculpted nose and black paw pads.
Jolly Sailor wears a navy blue cotton sailor suit with vintage cotton trim with felt sailor hat 
trimmed with a vintage anchor button.
He wears our trademark shoes in black leather which are handmade by ourselves.
Limited Edition of 3 numbers SOLD OUT


New Animal Character Design
Mr Hare stands at 10" to top of his very long ears.He is created from long alpaca fur which I have airbrushed in medium and darker tones.His face is sculpted and pressed using our own techniques.
Mr Hare has huge big inset brown glass eyes,very long ears which are lined in silk plush,airbrushed and wired so can be posed.He wears a vintage Scottish tweed waistcoat trimmed with binding and miniature antique buttons.His spotted bow tie is made from a vintage fabric in dark green.
He wears country bag  made from old leather with vintage button.
His long thin dark brown boots are made by ourselves and hand stitched with leather soles.
Limited Edition of 6 Numbers 1,2 ,3are ADOPTED

Old Sherwood  stands 3.5" high is created from antique green mohair and aged with darker grey tones.
He is wearing dark green velvet waistcoat with tiny miniature brass buttons,vintage scottish tweed trousers.
His boots are a new design as they are longer thinner in aged leather handmade by ourselves.
Limited Edition of 3 SOLD OUT

Elodie is 3.5" high and created from pale peach hand dyed quality mohair.
She has a wobble neck joint and matt glass eyes.
Desiree wears a ivory silk and antique lace dress trimmed with vintage flower and diamente.
She stands by herself in our hand made leather shoes which are a pale blue colour.
She carries a small bouquet of vintage flowers.
Limited Edition Number 1 and 1.ADOPTED