Sunday, 23 February 2014

Hugglets Winter Bear Fest 2014

Another wonderful show at the Hugglets Winter Bear Fest today.
Always a pleasure to meet our collectors in person.
A big Thank You to everyone who visited our stand and adopted bears and other animals.
Just a few pictures of some of our latest creations.
Old Roddy
3.5" Antique Mohair.

Old Algernon
New design amd new size 7" softly stuffed saggy tummy.

3.5" Abysinthe in such lovely green shade of antique mohair.

 Kitty Mittens.

Kitty Mittens 7" tall our latest soft sculpture design in antique silk plush.
This new cat is part of our series of our animal characters 
Both her and Hello Ducky are joining other collections of our work in the Swiss museum.
Warmest Wishes 
Paula & Simon 

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