Thursday, 29 October 2020

Autumn & Halloween Collection

 Hello welcome to our Autumn & Halloween Collection......


Balthazar is 7.5"or 19cm high created from antique mohair in rich auburn brown.
He wears a antique silk smoking jacket made from a gothic looking victorian silk brocade.
His smoking cap is faded velvet trimmed with antique gold wire braid and silk tassel.
Balthazar wears our velvet slippers in faded cocoa hand stitched with leather soles.
He comes with his own cigarette & cigarette holder in his top pocket.
He is trying to give up at some point! 
Limited Edition ONE OFF 1/1 ADOPTED


Artemas is 4.5" or 11.5cm high and created from worn antique mohair in faded cinnamon.
Artemas has glass eyes and a centre seam head with a wobble neck joint.
His fur is very old and has worn away places to give the look of a very old bear.
Artemas wears a warm vintage wool scarf which I hand dyed in faded yellow.
Limited Edition One Off 1/1 ADOPTED



Fabian is 3.5"or 9cm high created from hand dyed mohair in faded ash gold.
                           This tiny little wizard wears a silver lurex stripe costume the fabric was 
salvaged from the hem of a vintage 1970's dress.
His hat is made from antique velvet with antique black jet crescent moon.
Fabian's shoes are made using vintage velvet with black jet buttons.
Limited Edition ONE OFF 1/1 ADOPTED


Blaze is 3"or 7.5cm high and created from antique mohair in bright auburn red.
He has tiny glass eyes and skipped stitched nose.
Blaze is sits on a hand made autumn brown 
velvet & felt leaf with a spray of antique velvet leaves.
Limited Edition 1/1 


Hortensia is 3.25" or 8cm high and created from hand dyed mohair in pale spice cinnamon.
This tiny little witch wears purple satin dress trimmed with antique black lace
 and antique black glass button.
Hortensia has a gorgeous magic invisibility cloak covered in sequins 
this was from a 1920's antique piece of lace.
Hortensia wears our little hand made shoes created from antique black satin.
She carries her own hand carved witches broom.
She comes with the vintage Vinolia face powder box lined with antique writing paper.
I have used one of these before for halloween and delighted to find another!
Limited Edition ONE OFF 1/1 ADOPTED


Mister Pumpkin is 3"or 7.5" high and created from hand dyed mohair in pumpkin spice.
He is quite pleased with his pumpkin which has grown very well this year.
 hand made from hand dyed velvet.
Limited Edition ONE OFF 1/1 ADOPTED

Mystic Hand Sculpted Wall Art

Simon is creating more of these sculpted textile art designs and this one is a palm readers hand.

The sculpted hand is created from antique silk satin and set on antique black embroidered gypsy shawl
Set in a Vintage round frame 6" or 15cm with convex glass.
Edition Number 1 SOLD 
Edition Number 2 SOLD 

Other designs we have previously created such as the the man in the moon & 
silver moons can be made to order.


Thank you for visiting should you wish to adopt any of our designs.

Please contact us by email
or message me on facebook or instagram.

Wishing you all a frightfully fun halloween what ever you are doing.

Paula & Simon

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